The Muslims have posted a single-camera version (sorta like my little camera, only…slightly better) of my debate with Adnan Rashid in London. It is sad to see the comments of “1MoreMuslim,” a YouTube contributor, who simply refuses to even hear what we are saying. One is reminded of the statement of Scripture, “A veil lies over their heart,” for surely, unless the Spirit opens closed eyes and ears, they will never hear. Note some of the comments:

I just want to remind you, the subject of the debate is: does the Trinity necessitate Shirk.

The debate should not have taken place at all, because if J White knew what Shirk is, he will not even bothers make a debate on the subject. Because Trinity is shirk by definition.

Show me where Quran gives a false definition of the Trinity, and will show you that you don’t understand the basic of Arabic. You are doing with the Quran what you do with the Bible; wishful interpretations, and filling in the blanks.

Those who watch the debate will realize that if this man did, he didn’t hear a word I said. Notice how he turns the challenge on its head: he has to show us where the Qur’an accurately defines the Trinity, not the other way around! But he cannot, for, obviously, it does not. In any case, the debate went very well, despite the lack of cross-examination. We will post the professional edition when it becomes available.

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