I just received notice that a debate will be held on June 23rd, 6pm in the Durban City Hall in South Africa between John Gilchrist and Shabir Ally. I look forward to the recordings! I will be most interested in listening! It is being sponsored by the Islamic Propagation Center, Ahmed Deedat’s organization. I confess I find it a little difficult to see how Shabir fits in very well with Deedat’s claims. Shabir would have to admit Deedat made many basic errors of fact and understanding in his commonly viewed and praised talks against Christianity. And I wonder how those folks will handle Shabir’s view that Jesus was crucified, but that he didn’t die? I was thinking just a few days ago about some of the responses Shabir gave in London in our two debates back in November, and I really wonder how the South African Muslims, raised on a steady diet of Deedat, would respond? Or will Shabir adjust his replies? One thing is for sure, the IPCI will post the talks, so we will be able to find out!

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