I realize there has been a lot of shuffling of the dates/times this weekend, but I’m sure trying to arrange numerous debates, programs, etc., is difficult. Even today I found out I was supposed to speak at a Conference this evening—but no one bothered to inform me of that. [Note: always best to ask the speaker first!] In any case, I know that tomorrow evening and Saturday evening I will be on the live broadcast from ABN, taking calls and talking to Muslims. You can watch via satellite, or watch on line here. The programs begin at 8:30pm EDT (5:30pm PDT). Should be interesting!

I will be live streaming the audio only of both debates, Lord willing, at the regular Dividing Line link. I normally start the feed as early as I can get the unit set up, which is almost always at least half an hour before things get started. The last times I saw published were 6:30pm EDT for the Sunday night debate, and 7:00pm EDT for the Monday night debate. So look for the stream to go live before then. The Sunday night debate is on the alleged corruption of the Bible, the Monday night debate on the deity of Christ. I expect a very lively exchange, to be sure, with the possibility of repeated (and unwanted) audience participation as well. Be listening!

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