Every year, Personal Freedom Outreach put together a convention for former Jehovah’s Witnesses in New Ringgold, PA (what a beautiful place this time of year*). If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, a former JW, or simply interested, you can watch many of the sessions live online (this is the first time they are broadcasting live).

I am not familiar with all the speakers, so I can not account for everything you will hear. I do know some of them (e.g. Don Veinot, Bob Anderson, Dick Fisher, and others), who have been in Countercult ministry for quite some time.

Here is a brochure with all the sessions and speakers, and if you want to listen live go here (I believe you need to create an account, which is easy to do).

*Funny thing is, when we were living in PA I would travel up Saturday (with my wife) to the retreat center, stop in and say hello to a few folks, then leave. It is such a beautiful time of year in Mountains of PA, we couldn’t resist simply driving around looking at the trees.

I do know that many are encouraged during this weekend. Last time I went, there were former JWs who traveled from Japan to attend the convention.

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