Our less-than-brave (read “cowardly”) mole seems to have constant access to his website:

Fight on O Great White Warrior! Lift your sword as we ride on and stand shoulder to shoulder to battle these great heresies and the wretched souls who will own them!

Why thank you, so much! I will do my best. However…how about having the, well, guts, to come out from behind your anonymity, and join me on The Dividing Line so that we can discuss these issues one-on-one? Seems your ilk…sorry, type, prefers monologues rather than dialogues. It is so much easier to blather on without having to worry about actually interacting with answers to your position. Perhaps you, who are obviously able to express yourself forcefully in print, would be able to engage the exegetical and theological issues, to the benefit of all who would hear? So how about it, Purist? Is there more to you than sarcastic bluster?

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