My, they really, really need to replace the carpet here at A16. Horrible!
Had a great time with Pastor Van Lees and the fine folks at Covenant of Grace Church in St. Charles. We covered the New Perspectives on Paul, and I got to use my new Bluetooth tablet to add another dimension to my presentations. Very useful! Technology is wonderful…when it works, that is. Had a great time fellowshipping with Van and Nathan and Jim and everyone else, though my voice is at its limit after two sessions this morning, three on Saturday, and one Friday night. And I’m coughing a bit—I hope that is just from the cold and all the talking, but given what happens when you travel during this time period in an airplane, you never know.
It was nice and cold here this weekend, and I really enjoyed being out in “feels like” temperatures below 20 degrees. Sort of gave me a chance to test out some of my cold weather gear before I head to the UK in February. Leather still seems to work the best. My “Morpheus” coat performed great in the cold.
I was giving a portion of my presentation on the nature of saving faith from the debate against Bob Wilkin this morning when I ran across this quotation from Calvin and realized how directly relevant it is to Dave Hunt’s outrageous misrepresentation of Calvin that he included in his most recent newsletter. Here is the citation:

For since pardon and forgiveness are offered by the preaching of the Gospel, in order that the sinner, delivered from the tyranny of Satan, the yoke of sin, and the miserable bondage of iniquity, may pass into the kingdom of God, it is certain that no man can embrace the grace of the Gospel without retaking himself from the errors of his former life into the right path, and making it his whole study to practice repentance. (Calvin, Institutes, III:3:1)

Sure doesn’t sound like the representation Hunt makes of Calvin’s theology. I can only assume Hunt thinks his followers would never bother to actually read Calvin…sort of like Hunt himself, who admitted he had never read the Reformers when we discussed the issue on KPXQ years ago. Within six months he was claiming to know more about Calvinism than “most Calvinists.” Good ol’ Dave never seems to let a little thing like the truth get in his way. Of course, since Hunt is a Wilkinite, he wouldn’t believe what Calvin said there anyway, ironically.
Quick addition as I put this up now that I have arrived safely home. I was sent a link to some immature Lutheran fellow…I think I need to ask PyroManiac for a comic book cover titled, “The Attack of the Infanto-Lutherans!” Where do these people come from? Truly amazing. Well, onward and upward….

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