We have heard so much of the angry “friends of Ergun” that I feel it would be well to let others speak. No names, just the heartfelt expressions of brothers and sisters who see what is important and are just as amazed as I am at the games being played about a serious subject.

I wanted to send you this e-mail on this celebration of the Lord granting independence to our great country to encourage you in you upholding of biblical integrity in regards to the Caner and LU situation. In our time when post-modernism and emergency comes to the forefront, your stance for biblical integrity is an honor and praise to God.

Many do not consider this what you are doing an act of love, but I see it as just the opposite. As a former Oneness Pentecostal minister, who was converted in Feb. 09, I have seen nothing but lacks of integrity in ministry in my time. Now, God has granted me grace in regenerating me, and allowing me to see integrity both in you and your work as well as with my own local church.

Be encouraged in your work and in this time of service in the courts of our King. (WP)

Thank-you (once again) for fervently defending the truth in the case of Ergun Caner. (I am referring to the most recent three postings “Of Joseph Smith and Ergun Caner”.)

In my view this issue is big enough to warrant this kind of a thorough and persistent response. You are taking on a formidable establishment and also a formidable opponent in Dr. Geisler.

But this issue is not about reputations, it is upholding the concept of truth and the honour in which this concept is held by those who claim to be aligned with Jesus Christ who is the truth and with a God who is unspeakably holy.

I am extremely grateful that you are pursuing this issue even when it is clear that this effort entails a significant investment of time. Much is at stake here. This is a battle not just about what is true re Ergun Caner, but about what kind of concept of truth will be allowed to stand as such. This is a significant spiritual battle as I am sure the arch-enemy of truth would like to put his stamp on this debate.

May God grant you the support you need to be able to continue this pursuit. (WS)

Please continue to speak with boldness and clarity and conviction about the Ergun Caner debacle.

You say you are tired of it. Don’t say that; at least don’t write it. You may feel that way, we all do. But the fact is that for whatever reason, you have been raised up for such a time as this. You may very well be tired of it, but God has, by His own purpose and grace put you where you are and gifted you for it. Don’t see this as coming from men, but from God, for He has allowed it (divine sovereignty!). We Christians need to see leaders who have conviction in action. We need to see Christian men of integrity. We need to see men who aren’t just interested in themselves, their positions and their power. We need to see truth loved and defended and held up. We need to see men who have the moral courage to speak up and to be faithful to the Lord. You are doing these things and we need to see it. Not only that, but the world needs to see it. And the Lord is pleased to see it.

I can only think that there is more, much much more to this whole thing than we all yet know about. There is something which is holding back the truth. I don’t see any way out but through it. May the Lord give you courage, hope and perseverance in the battle, for it is a battle. But remember the battle is the Lord’s. (Jan)

Thank you for all you’re doing with regard to the Ergun Caner situation. Please know that you are in my prayers.

I pray that Geisler will take your well-thought-out response to his defense of Caner seriously.

I thank you for all the seriousness with which you take James 3:1. Being a teacher is a monumental responsibility, as you well know, and I appreciate your commitment to the Word as much as possible. (BCH)

I’m sure you have already seen this, but I wanted to send it in case, but I also wanted to encourage you and let you know that you are a great example and role model to us young seminarians, brother. Many at WSCAL and Talbot and even other young Christians I know not in seminary are very encouraged by you and your example of truth and consistency. We need good role models (especially those of us without much of a father figure) and the fact that you stand up with integrity and call everyone, Christian and non-Christian, to truth and honor regardless of the hatred you receive for doing it, even by “Christians”, is so very encouraging to us. Thank you for your example and for doing what’s right despite the massive heat and negative response so many people have shown you for it. You are a good brother and us young aspiring men not only need what you and few others have offered, but we are greatly encouraged and edified by it. I just wanted you to hear that directly especially as you probably wade through the emails and comments of hate and negativity you’ve received on this issue. Lord bless you, James, and thank you for what you represent for us. (BB–my adopted son in the faith!)

I just read your post of today on your blog. Just wanted to say how immensely proud I am of you James. It is clearly evident to me how costly it is and how costly it may prove to be for you to write as you did, but I for one, with a tear in my eye, just thank God for you – a man of profound integrity and everything the words “man of God” are meant to describe.

Play the man!!??? You just did!

I love you precious brother, and am very proud to call you my friend. (JS)

Finally, one of the many Liberty students who have written over the past few months. I will not even provide initials, for sadly, I know what could happen should this brother be identified by certain people.

Being a Liberty University student myself, this “Caner situation” has been a very difficult thing to deal with. Being a Reformed LU student who has become more and more skeptical of Caner in my time there has been an even greater difficulty. The situation is a great embarrassment to me, as I am very passionate about my school, but also want it to be run with integrity and holiness. My first reason for contacting you is thanksgiving. I have been ridiculed myself by fellow students for coming down on the side that isn’t blindly endorsing Caner. I cannot imagine the emotional strain on your part of contending for the faith so earnestly, even against so much opposition. Thank you for giving an example to follow in defending truth, and doing so gracefully and respectfully, openly and honestly.
Secondly, I want you to know that all of LU is not blindly walking in line behind the administration. There aren’t many of us, but there are those at school there that are so uncomfortable with Caner’s behavior that we cannot support him simply out of school unity. I agree with Dr. White when he says that he wishes this were all over. I do too. I do not believe that my school’s administration has properly addressed the situation, nor has it dealt proper discipline or acknowledged anything specific, seemingly all so that the school will not “lose face”.

Please, do not lose heart in confronting this issue. We here at LU are awaiting a resolution with probably more fervor, just because we are so directly affected by all of this. Thank you for your work, and may you continue to constantly find joy in our Lord.

I do indeed pray for a God-honoring conclusion to this situation, but the only such conclusion I can see from Scripture involves Ergun Caner’s honest and open acknowledgement of his past lies and myth-making, and given the nature of the defense being offered through his surrogates at this time, that seems to be far from his intentions.

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