Dr. Mouw simply does not seem to understand the central issue in Mormon apologetics. Here’s a Baptist Press article you might wish to review. Let me try to state it clearly, though this may be counter-productive, as clarity does not seem to be the aim of so much of the Academy today: Christianity is monotheistic. This is not an arguable statement. It is not that Christianity just “favors” monotheism, or that we think it is “better” to be monotheistic, than, say, di-theistic or henotheistic or polytheistic. Christianity is monotheistic, period. One true God. You have multiple gods? Sorry, you aren’t a Christian. Now, such a statement lacks nuance, I well know, but Elijah lacked a fair amount of nuance on Mt. Carmel, the Lord Jesus dismissed nuance in dealing with the Pharisees, and Paul never heard of political correctness, especially when he informed the Galatians that they had once worshipped those which by nature were not gods at all! You do not show Christian love to a person who has been ensnared in idolatrous falsehood by seeking to nudge them a little into a little less idolatrous stance. You speak the truth to them in love, taking the time to know what they believe (something Mouw has only done with Millet or Robinson, not with the actual teachings of the General Authorities of the LDS Church and the body of the LDS faithful who this day are going through the endowment ceremony so as to gain the very exaltation that Mouw has been deceived into thinking is no longer a functional LDS belief) so that you may communicate with them with clarity and accuracy. And as I documented below (and in the seventy six pages found in Is the Mormon My Brother?), as of the night of Mouw’s comments in Salt Lake City, Mormons still believe God is an exalted man and that men are gods in embryo.

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