It is funny how things work here. One of the assignments in my current GGBTS class is to write a review of two debates shown in class. After interviewing the students as to where their ministries are and where they think they will be going in the future, I decided a debate on Mormonism, and a debate on Islam, would be good. So I asked Rich where the DVD’s of my debate with Martin Tanner at the University of Utah were. And as he looked around he got a puzzled look on his face. He knew the number off the top of his head, but, when he looked into the system, he discovered that it was not linked at all on the website! He put all this work into editing it (I watched it with the class Friday night, and it is well done—the first debate we shot with our good cameras), but as far as we can tell, it was never listed in the DVD listing on the website, so I doubt highly anyone has ever seen it! So, we have of course fixed the problem.
The debate was on the topic “Can Men Become Gods.” It followed two radio programs I did with Martin Tanner and Van Hale on KTKK radio in Salt Lake City during which discussions of the subject of theosis came up (here, #442). There is an entire chapter on this topic in my book, Is the Mormon My Brother?, and the conversation on the topic on the radio became quite heated. So a debate was arranged between myself and Martin Tanner (an attorney) at the University of Utah. Personally, I felt it clearly displayed the vast differences between biblical Christianity and Mormonism, and I detected a very different attitude on Mr. Tanner’s part between the radio programs (where, as the host, he was in control) and the debate (where even time frames were in play).
So, though the debate took place a few years ago, in essence, it is new, at least on DVD, so if you would like to have a video presentation on the central difference between Christianity and Mormonism, this one might work well. Check it out!

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