When I find folks that do a great job, I like to let folks know. In the past I have noted my regular use of book covers made by Renaissance Art over in Santa Fe. I have a number of their excellent two-color covers now, and really enjoy them. They are well made and well priced as well.

So recently a kind believer purchased for me the Reader’s Hebrew/Greek Bible, published by Zondervan. I had hoped they would come out with a diglott edition, and they did. When it arrived I was immediately struck by the fact that the cover and binding was nothing to write home about. I mean, it is a big, thick book (as you would expect), so the binding is rather important. I was mentioning this in channel when the ever-present Algo suggested I look at having it rebound. He directed me to ACE Bookbinding Company down in Oklahoma City. The same kind believer told me to send it in, and it arrived back just today. The turn around time was very impressive, the service great, and now I have a uniquely bound Greek/Hebrew text. I know lots of folks are looking for full rebinding services, and I must say, ACE did a great job for me!

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