Home safe and sound, but you know what it is like after you’ve been gone for a long time, and even before you left, you were putting little things off to finish the big projects headed your way. I don’t know when I’ll have a lot of time for much more than doing the DL and getting a number of class syllabi put together, book lists submitted, etc. But do be watching for the appearance of the announcement for next years cruise! We have big plans and honestly, we truly hope to see many of you in October of 2007, and I think once you hear what we are preparing, you’ll want to be there, too!
   Oh, here’s a little shot from the last night on the ship. Great images to be found at sea!
   Yes, I have every intention of doing the DL on Tuesday morning, and I hope to be able to discuss the Spong debate, etc. The Lord was merciful to me, and I have kept my health despite numerous hours in sealed metallic cylinders (aircraft) and in vehicles with sick folks, and a lot of hand-shaking. So, Tuesday should work out fine. I look forward to it!

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