The trend toward apostasy (aka, “deconstruction”) in the CCM area continues unabated. This should hardly surprise us: the vast majority of those involved in the field are never in the same church more than once, hence, the idea of stability, sanctification, grounding in theology and doctrinal truth, is a rarity. My friend John Cooper warned about this years ago, and continues to sound the alarm even now. 

Chris Llewellyn is lead vocalist for the Irish Christian band Rend Collective. The band has a number of excellent songs with solid, scriptural content.

Recently Llewellyn has been vocalizing more than lyrics.  For those with ears to hear, he’s been using the language of deconstruction. And that always leads, eventually, to something like this:

This graphic is from Llewellyn’s Instagram Stories page. Let’s do a quick run through.

First, kvministries is spot on in the provided graphic.  William Thomas is a man, on every rational, logical, scientific, moral, and spiritual level. Every cell in his body would reveal XY chromosomes. His natural testosterone levels would be many times that of a female with XX chromosomes.  His lung capacity is much greater than a female. His bone structure is much heavier, his connective tissues denser.  So the graphic is correct: this is a man who “won” the women’s swimming championship. 

Now, my six year old granddaughter could tell you this is a picture of a man.  So the quotation from Orwell is spot on, and, in fact, accurate (the citation is from the end of chapter 7, and actually leads up to the even more famous line, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows”).  We are truly facing what Orwell so clearly foresaw: a time when the ruling elites, the Party, demand that we reject the evidence of our eyes and ears, the reality of objective truth around us.  There is an objective truth about what makes someone a male, and objective truth about what makes someone a female, but today, if you dare state these truths, you can be “cancelled.” 

So this brings us to the comments by Chris Llewellyn. It is quite true that we can lay aside the fairness in sports for a moment, as that is a secondary issue to the foundational one. 

The first claim is, “Calling a trans woman a man is hateful.” To which I simply have to respond (assuming, as I must, that this is a conversation between two men who claim to submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ), “Why?”  The claim assumes the reality of something called “a trans woman.” I do not believe any such thing exists, and what is more important, neither did Jesus. His teaching on the matter is plain and clear (in another video Llewellyn questions the reality of plain and clear teachings in Scripture) as recorded in Matthew 19:4-6.  The entire idea of “transitioning” is mythical. It cannot happen. You can utterly mutilate the human body, surgically, and destroy it from within with injections, but none of this will make you something or someone you were not created to be. Will Thomas was created a man, and he cannot “transition” into a state of being that is other than the one created for him by his Creator. The stories of those who have found this out the hard way are only multiplying, though, of course, the Culture of Death in which we live seeks to suppress those realities. 

So why would speaking a biblically consistent truth be “hateful” in Llewellyn’s mind? Because he is clearly not thinking within the parameters of a Christian worldview defined by belief in the consistency of divine revelation in Scripture. He is allowing the world to define his terminology and categories, and as a result he is literally coming to the conclusion that to speak as truthfully and bluntly as Jesus did makes us “hateful.” I have news for Chris: telling Will Thomas he is a woman is what is hateful: hateful to him and his well being, hateful to those around him, hateful to the culture, hateful to reality, and most importantly, hateful to the One who created him to be a man. 

When you embrace the world’s parameters and definitions, you end up reversing the truth and believing a lie.  Just as Jesus is the source of life, the culture of death must seek to rob us of the light Christ provides.  There is light and life for those who will repent and believe and reject the culture of death’s claims.  You cannot, however, try to play the middle.  It is Christ, or it is chaos.  There is no middle ground. 

So a Christian must speak the truth when the world insists we join them in the deceptive lie, in the fantasy world they have created. It is not unkind, it is necessary.  It is the adult thing to do. And when the world is praising the perversity of rebellious men and women, we must, with clarity and force, point out that the man in the women’s bathing suit is a man who can still use the urinal. And even if he chooses to take care of that problem, that only makes him a mutilated man, not a woman. These are realities all adults understood only fifteen years ago. It is sad we must speak of them now, but the adults often have to repeat things to the children.

Finally, we must note the repetition of the anti-Christian line at the end: “History won’t be kind to you.”  Why do I call this an “anti-Christian” line? Simple: Christians believe Jesus defines history and, in the end, He wins.  History isn’t something that “treats” you one way or the other.  Jesus said all authority in heaven and earth had been given to Him upon His resurrection from the dead.  All of history has been, is being, and will be, defined by His power, His purpose. So to turn history into some power that you must fear is anti-Christian. What we should fear is what Christ will say to us, how He will view our actions, and our thoughts. And Llewellyn should remember that it is Christ will who judge the living and the dead by His holy and righteous law in the last day.  And the one who made us male and female will not treat kindly those who rebelled against His creative decree.  

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