A lot of folks think that Dave Hunt and I wrote our debate book one chapter at a time. We didn’t. Each of us wrote our 3000 word opening statements (seven of them), then exchanged them, wrote 2000 word replies, exchange them, wrote 1000 word replies, then two more 500 word exchanges for each chapter. Why mention this? Well, it does explain why certain topics are discussed more than once, and it also gives you an idea of what the actual chronological sequence of writing was. But, it also explains something else: I did not see his final statements in his chapters, nor the closing, until the entire book was put together. And even then, all I looked at was my own material at that point. I didn’t bother to read his. So I was truly tickled when someone pointed out Dave Hunt’s response to my comments on Matthew 23:37. I had simply pointed out that Hunt had ignored, in both WLIT? and our debate, the exegesis of the passage I had offered in TPF, and added, “a passage condemning the Jewish leaders for seeking to keep those under their authority from the ministry of Christ.” Anyone who has read TPF knows what I am referring to: the Jewish people in Jerusalem contrasted with their leaders. And how does Hunt respond? Look at page 390: “That Christ meant Jerusalem’s nonadults is absurd.” Nonadults? The KIDS? Someone can actually read the exegesis I offered in TPF and think I’m referring to LITTLE KIDS? I am simply dumbfounded. Well, I guess when you do not understand the position you are denying, it explains why you misrepresent it!

By the way…we have a good stock in now of the book, and have dropped the price of this 400+ page book to only $10.00, plenty low to allow you to purchase multiple copies to give to others (especially those who use Dave Huntian style anti-sovereignty argumentation).

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