I do not have any idea who “Alastair” is outside of his being a big fan of NT Wright, NPism (wait…another connection between AAPC and NPism?) and the author of a very poor “review” of J. Ligon Duncan’s article in response to NPism. But he has decided to take up the cause for TGE, and in the process has given us much to think about regarding the wide differences that exist between us. Unfortunately, not an iota of exegesis is offered by Alastair in fulfillment of the challenge to deal with the text of the New Testament. This is, sadly, the commonality of this movement: when challenged to get beyond sophistic formulations and get down to the vital matter of dealing with the text, these folks just fall apart. If these wonderful sounding axioms and credos are so divinely wonderful, why do they cripple their users when it comes to handling the text?

More to come. This could be useful to a lot of folks, and as time
allows today, I’ll try to add some more commentary.

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