Steve Gregg’s rhetoric and repetitive avoidance of engaging meaningful Biblical discussion must be contrasted with the following critiques that Dr. White provided last year on the Dividing Line.

   I have placed here a collection of all the Dividing Line Radio shows with James White responding to Steve Gregg’s claims and interpretations. If you know anyone who follows Gregg’s teachings, send them this link so they can be provided these thorough responses.

   1. Introduction to Gregg’s synergism; and John 6. Here.
   2. Gregg’s ignorance of standard Reformed literature; his misrepresentations of the Reformed understanding of God’s nature, God’s love, justice, and the topic of assurance. Here.
   3. His errors of Greek grammar; his misrepresentations on predestination; 1Peter 2:8; Acts 13:48. Here.
   4. Full discussion on Acts 13:48 and responding to Gregg’s errant interpretation of this text. Here.
   5. Exposition on Romans 9. Here.
   6. Part 1 – Critique of his interpretation on Romans 9. Here.
   7. Part 2 – Critique of his interpretation on Romans 9. Here.

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