I could not locate the details for the upcoming debate against Mr. Wright on the subject of Calvinism in Sedalia on the Dividing Line Tuesday, but I have now obtained them. The debate will take place Friday night, the 21st of April, at the Smith-Cotton High School, 312 E. Broadway, Sedalia, MO. Here’s a map. Doors open at 6pm, debate begins at 7pm. The number I brought up through the net for the school is 660-829-6300.
   Sorry to be so late in getting this posted, but the move continues. Seven brave gentlemen are here at the office right now. Why brave? Because we just moved a 1500 pound printing press using a U-Haul trailer, and managed to do so without any strained muscles, broken fingers, or even a single dinged door. Not bad for a bunch of non-professional movers. Anyway, now we need shelves and the last bit of the moving part will be over, since more than 50% of my library is still back at the old location.
   Oh, also, I checked my flight schedule and I do not leave till very, very early Friday morning, so we will be able to do the Thursday afternoon DL as scheduled.

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