The following letter appears without comment in the current edition of Dave Hunt’s newsletter. It is a sad example of how the Hodges/Wilkin heresy on salvation, promoted by Hunt, not only leads to a rejection of God’s divine freedom, but likewise creates gross confusion on the matter of assurance. Instead of finding one’s assurance in the promises of a sovereign and free King of all creation, and a Savior whose death is perfect and complete and without the need of human additions, this person seems to find only “despair” in such things. What an incredibly sad commentary on the man-centeredness of so much of modern “Christianity.” Here’s the letter:

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,
About two years ago, I was attending a good Bible-based community church when seemingly out of nowhere TULIP teaching became the focal point. I struggled with the “T” [Total Depravity] and the “U” [Unconditional Election] but when it came to the “L” (Limited Atonement), I looked around the congregation and noticed no one else seemed to be looking around–stunned, as I was. This Calvinist teaching was taught in-depth for several months. Even before moving on to the “I” and “P,” I hit a pit of despair. For the first time since my salvation, I began to doubt and realized there was no assurance. If I’m chosen, I’m chosen. If I’m damned, I’m damned. And God is glorified in both? I was astounded to learn that the words “world” and “whosoever” did not mean what they implied but meant that “God so loved the ‘chosen’…” and they were “whosoever.” For months I continued searching and despairing….During this time, a friend came into [our] store and I tentatively shared with her my new-found doubts. My fear was that she too believed this TULIP doctrine. Instead she loaned me her husband’s book by Dave Hunt, What Love Is This? It was underlined and highlighted and I knew I needed my own copy. I contacted TBC and ordered the book….The ministry at TBC is invaluable. Many of our customers are delighted to find books that offer substance and answers to those who are thirsting, starving, and despairing. LP (WA)

   For the truth about “all” and “whosoever,” see the information Hunt has never been able to respond to in any coherent fashion, found here.

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