One of Bob Ross’ devotees, a fellow named Stephen Garrett, posted this on his blog today:



How many know of the famous debate that James White had with Bob Wilkins in Oklahoma City on April 22, 2005? How many know that James White tried to defend his “born again before faith” heresy in this debate? Does James sell the video of this debate on his web site? Does he promote this debate like he does the others?



I had to chuckle when I read this. I would very much like to have the video available, just like I’d like to have the video of the debate with Crossan and Borg available, but when there are production and editing issues with the video, that puts it at the end of the line, at least until the others, that have no such problems, are finished. We don’t have big donors to pour money through our doors so that we can hire folks to do these things. It is especially time consuming to attempt to drop powerpoints into the videos, which will be needed for this one. But since Mr. Garrett doesn’t think we’ve been pushing the debate hard enough (exactly how that is to be measured, we are not told), maybe I will have to cover it after the Madrid debate? I have, in fact, commented on it a number of times, but Garrett conveniently forgets to mention that. He does, however, demonstrate that he is a bit challenged in the use of a search engine:



From the comments by Bob Wilkins, it seems the debate was supposed to be made available to the public through Alpha and Omega, but if it is available, I have not seen it.



If Mr. Garrett would open the “store” link at, go to the search section, click on “advanced,” enter “Wilkin” and check the “search descriptions” box, he would find this. That will display for him 444MP3, which, as you can see here, contains a rather extensive description of the debate. One will note that this was not just inserted or something, it has been available since shortly after the debate itself.


Later Garrett reproduces a quote from a “disappointed James White supporter.” Oh my! Anonymous “supporters”! Goodness. Pick up the mp3. Listen and be amazed. And wonder at someone like Garrett who claims to be a “Calvinist” and yet would support the Hodges/Wilkins position, as he does in this entry.


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