And I have nothing against thanking God today for faithful men of the past. But to be honest, I’m sort of glad Calvin asked to be buried in an unmarked grave. I’m a bit concerned about what would be going on there if he hadn’t.
   There is everything fine and good with celebrating God’s goodness to His church in Calvin and all those who have faithfully stood for God’s truth over the centuries. But I cannot help but think that Calvin himself would be royally angry about the whole thing. In fact, I’d say he’d probably have some of us flogged and driven out of Geneva! Especially us “Anabaptists,” we’d be in deep trouble.
   So thank the Lord today for what He did half a millennia ago (wow, that was a long time!), but remember that what made Calvin great was not the man, but the clear, compelling testimony he gave to a truth that we must continue to proclaim today.

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