You would think that when faced with facts even normal folks would step back and go, “Oh, sorry about that, I guess we were completely wrong about those issues.” But no, not when you serve Mother Rome. Infallibility seems to be endemic. After exposing all the errors in the afore-mentioned thread, do we find “mea culpas” and the like? No, instead, we have one complaint about my using the term “Romanist” (and what is the central aspect of Roman Catholicism? Rome—hence, Romanism is a great descriptive term) along with the amazing assertion that I have a persecution complex. Let’s ponder that a moment: when you serve Rome, you can lie about folks, accuse them of misdeeds for which you have no evidence, make up fantastic stories about them, and if they correct you, they have a persecution complex! Ah, the glories of Rome!

But most interesting was a comment by someone we have had reason to note before, a “MarcoPolo.” It seems MarcoPolo wanted to prove the point that I have made numerous times, that is, that the folks at the CA Forums simply have no interest in being accurate, or thorough, or even truthful, in their comments. I had mentioned that I did one radio debate with Jimmy Akin. If MarcoPolo had listened carefully, or cared about being accurate, he would know that this debate took place on a radio station in, as I recall, Texas. It was on the subject of “eternal security.” I have noted it many times over the years, as Akin used an argument based upon the Greek that was easily refuted—even he has admitted, on Catholic Answers Live, that his use of it was in error. This is the only debate we did. [Here is a reference to that debate from 2007]. I have repeatedly said the encounter on the Bible Answer Man was not a debate, and I did not say otherwise in my previous article. But, MarcoPolo, showing that when it comes to the opponents of Rome there is no reason to even listen carefully, just opined on the CA Forums:

At least White is admitting his appearance on BAM with Jimmy Akin was a debate. Regarding that single appearance with Akin, White has now stated the following:
“[It] was not a debate.” – James White, ca 2002.

“Akin did one radio debate.” – James White, 2011

Your friendly CAF Truth-Starved Denizen

The two statements are both true, as anyone who cares enough to look at the facts knows, as the BAM program is other than the radio debate we did on eternal security. Thank you, Marco Polo, for making my point for me.

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