I say it is ironic because it is provided by…a Roman Catholic. In criticizing “Catholicism: Crisis of Faith,” SDG wrote:

In short, the video appears to be aimed at Catholics whose faith is shallow, ill-informed, and unstable, who will not realize that there is anything more to the issues than you have presented here. It seems to seek to make a case that will appear unanswerable and unarguable to those who have never heard the arguments and answers. It looks like its purpose is to prey on the weak and sick of the flock … with promises of greener pastures: but it seems unwilling to admit to its prey that their flock may have healthier sheep (not to mention shepherds) who might withstand the attack; or that there may be greener pastures within the very fold which they have never known.

Is this not the very essence of what we see constantly from Catholic Answers, Patrick Madrid, EWTN, etc.? Have we not demonstrated this very syndrome over and over again on this blog and on The Dividing Line? That is why I had to take a moment while some video is rendering to point this out as a great irony, since it came from Jimmy Akin’s blog. I would direct SDG to just about everything Patrick Madrid has put in print in the form of a “book” for the exact fulfillment of his words, only in reference to non-Catholics.

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