I was just pointed to the following claim by Art Sippo, sometime Catholic apologist, medical doctor, and Doc Savage pulp fiction afficionado, regarding the incomplete tapes provided to us by Catholic Answers nearly two decades ago of my debate with Sippo on justification (1991):

Pseudopodeo has doctored the recording. I have come to expect such tactics from him and other anti-Catholic Protestants. It is more about egoism than about the truth. Sorry. That is the way it is.

   Evidently, Art Sippo spends so much time in the fantasy world of “Doc Savage” (he even chose one of the medical schools attended based on the fiction series!) that he has no problems creating fantasy himself. Simply put, this is yet another example of how completely disconnected Sippo is from the world of truth. In case he has forgotten, we did not record the debate in Toledo, Ohio. Catholic Answers did. We had to repeatedly ask them for the tapes, and when they finally did mail them to us, they were only a partial set of poor quality. We were never given a meaningful explanation other than, “We messed up the recording.” I personally find that hard to believe, but in any case, the recording we have posted of that “lost debate” is simply the reproduction of the tapes that were given to us. The accusation of “doctoring” is slanderous and false. As normal, Sippo will avoid providing evidence of his slander, and his followers will continue to adore him for it.
   Falsehood and slander is Sippo’s stock-in-trade, in fact. He posted this lie on the Envoy forums. Now, let’s remember that on Envoy, if you try to post a URL to www.aomin.org, it replaces aomin.org with “0.” So, you can tell these folks are on the front lines of apologetic action and response! [Update: I found out just now that they even run text filters, so that if you write “Roman Catholic” it posts as simply “Catholic”!] Sippo is a regular contributor of bombast and vitriol, a fact that tarnishes Madrid’s oft-repeated claims of fairness and the like. In any case, just before posting this lie Sippo had provided a classic expression of his kind and loving apologetic methodology:

Luther suffered from bipolar manic-depressant illness and Calvin was a classic paranoid personality and was convicted of sodomy. They were both unstable. Their errors led to their excommunication. They died outside the Church of Jesus Christ. Everything Pope St. Peter prophesied in his 2nd Encyclical has come to pass in these two backsliders.

   Now, in case you are left just a little bewildered, for Sippo, any slander, as long as it serves Mother Church, is, by definition, usable. So, despite the gross falseness of the charge against Calvin, for example, and its repudiation by all meaningful historical scholars and even by Roman Catholic historians (and even Dave Armstrong!), it is normative Sippo to sling the mud. This is the kind of material you will find on Envoy’s forums all the time.
   A quick search of this blog for “Sippo” will reveal more than sufficient documentation of his incredible behavior over the years. Around the time he fled publicly from my challenge to debate him in his own home town on the only topic he said he would debate, he posted the following on Envoy (it has since been removed, surely out of embarrassment, by Madrid or others, but its original URL was http://www.envoymagazine.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1025):

Mr. White is an ignorant bigot who has no academic credentials. He was raised by bigots to be a bigot and would parade around in a white sheet burning crosses on people’s lawns if there was any money in it. In a strange bizarro parody of Christian discipleship, he hates his enemies and does bad things to people whom he doesn’t like. He also is a big whopping LIAR and likes to slander anyone who has the temerity not to kowtow to him. He is known affectionately as Pseudopodeo by those who know him best.

   The fact that he is allowed to spew his venomous verbiage without restraint through the Envoy forums and through the Catholic Legate website is yet another commentary on the current state of Roman Catholic apologetics.

Update 6/11/08:
   The specific citation I gave at the beginning of this article has been removed by one of the moderators of the Forum, Patti [Edited by – Patti on 06/10/2008 4:04:03 PM]. Following posts still make reference to it, but the specific line has been removed. Of course, Sippo then posts another vitriolic rant afterwards, so it seems that the Envoy folks just follow Sippo around, cleaning up his messes rather than dealing with him once and for all. Another amazing insight into that realm where a man without a single theological degree is allowed to ramble on and on without censure.

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