One of my favorite sound clips in our chat channel is from the popular TV show, “Frasier.” In his own inimitable fashion, Dr. Crane asks, “Tell me…what color is the sky in your world?” Such a quip indicates that the person to whom you are addressing those words seems to live…elsewhere, disconnected from reality, in a fantasy world.
I would like to ask Art Sippo, “What color is the sky in your world?” As I fully expected, he has begun the process of spinning his rejection of my challenge to debate justification in his own home town. And so, as I told him I would, I am providing the entirety of the few days of correspondence between us. You will get to see the split-personality that appeared in that correspondence: the man who froths at the mouth at “prots,” who only two weeks ago in response to a discussion of Calvinism had literally screamed:

Why do you think I have been hammering away at these people as hard as I have? This is the filth that the “Deformation” let loose into the world. So it has been from the 16th Century and so it shall be until the last of these blasphemers is extirpated from the face of the Earth.
Chill… I hope this gives you an appreciation for how far from historic Christianity the prot relgions have strayed and why I am honor bound to oppose them to the bitter end.

…all of a sudden becomes sweetness and light, the very model of civility—without, of course, even acknowledging his own words elsewhere. Only the brave need bother, but it was necessary to document the facts to silence the cavils of Dr. Sippo. Here’s the file.

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