Several vocal critics have recently adopted the tactic of merely pasting from their files all manner of scathingly damnatory citations about “Papists” and “idolatry” and so forth from Calvin and other 16th century Protestants. Much virtual ink has been spilled about the “inconsistency” of the Reformed Catholics in attempting to deal more charitably with Roman Catholics.

Observations: 1) When rC’s (my new way of referring to “Reformed Catholics so as to differentiate it from Roman Catholics, who are RC’s) quote Calvin, they are just letting the Reformers speak; when “Neo-Donatist Zwinglians” cite the same sources, they are “merely pasting” rhetoric. 2) It just so happens those citations actually address the nature of the church and the fact that Roman churches contain merely a small remnant of the elect are synagogues of Satan—concepts which MIGHT be relevant to determining a fair idea of what Calvin actually believed. 3) This has absolutely positively nothing to do with being charitable (unless one wishes to adopt the NEA/NARAL/DNC/Hollywood definition of ‘loving’ here), it has to do with speaking the truth. There is nothing charitable about veiling false gospels in flowery medieval rhetoric. There is nothing loving in minimizing fundamental differences and creating endless confusion in the minds of the people of God. Keep your eye on the ball, folks.

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