We have noted recently the insular nature of the Catholic Answers Forums. We have also documented the libelous false accusation of one of their users, whose screen name is Ignatius, alleging that we have edited debate tapes, an accusation made not by a named individual with any direct evidence, but by a forum member who, evidently, is free to make any kind of false and libelous statement he wishes to make in those forums without consequences. This person has shown that he is not only willing to spread false information about others without providing any evidence, but he does not think well either. In the midst of a current thread filled with some of the most amazingly facile and silly statements about Reformed theology I have ever seen (by some fellow whose name is jmcrae, a “forum elder,”) Ignatius has written,

The point is that Mr. White does not permit any disagreement or even comments on his blog. If he has a disagreement with what is said on CAF, I invite him to post a correction here. However he does not permit others to post corrections to his statements on his own site.

This blog is not a web forum. I do not invite every person, including those who are dishonest, like Ignatius, to participate in writing for this blog. This is not a place for debate. I do those fairly regularly. This is not the Dividing Line, where we provide a toll-free number to call. So there is no logical parallel between the CA Forums and this blog.

If Ignatius has the temerity to defend his libelous statements, he is free to call the Dividing Line and do so. Notice that while he is making the allegation of editing of debates, he puts the onus upon me to “correct” his own false allegation. This is the standard behavior of the dishonest individual.

Just like Guardian a few years ago, we expect Ignatius will move on to some other topic of discussion, and the libel will remain on the CA Forums, unchallenged. Then you will see it resurrected as a “fact” by some future participant. This is how myths and legends get started, and those who do not know, and love, the truth, relish such falsehoods.

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