So far, from what has been forwarded to me, this is the only negative comment we have received so far. I post it because it illustrates the irrationality of post-modernism and the confused way in which modern men and women think. We must understand that in our modern culture, which eschews biblical categories of truth and replaces them with non-transcendental, man-centered, variable, changing standards, all opinions, no matter how untruthful, how irrational, or simply absurd, are due equal “respect.” While this is not the case with many areas of human knowledge and inquiry, when it comes to religion, it most assuredly is the dogmatic assertion of our truth-suppressing culture.
   A few posts ago, in the context of discussing how Rome defines itself, and her right of self-definition, I defended Benedict XVI’s right to define, for the Roman communion, Roman theology. I then said that I reject his teachings, his office, his self-claimed authority, etc. I speak and write as a confessing Reformed Baptist. But you see, for the postmodernist, I do not have that right. I have to “respect” the claims of the Papacy. I have to “respect” theological claims that are directly contradictory to my own. I have to “respect” the teaching that Christ’s sacrifice perfects no one, that there is a mythical place called purgatory, and I have to “respect” those who call themselves “alter Christus.” It’s all religion, you know, and deep down under, we all know religion is just a matter of opinions anyway, right? Or so says the post modernist anyway. And so, if I reject Papal pretensions for what they are, I am being disrespectful and unloving. Political correctness applied to theology results in a pathetic drivel of self-defined sentimentality where God’s truth is trampled under foot and authoritative proclamation of truth is mocked as prideful arrogance. The confusion of the post modern mind is truly a thing to behold. Here’s the e-mail:

” I have yet to have documented where I have misrepresented or misinterpreted Rome in my published writings and debates.” Well gee James in the paragraph above you wrote this: “I reject Rome’s pretensions to define Christ’s body, and her wicked usurpation of the ultimate authority of God’s Word in matters of faith and morals.” Why would anybody think you are anti Catholic? I’ve never heard any pope say these things about another faith. You say you are a man of faith yet every day you have nothing but disrespectful things to say about the faiths you disagree with. You don’t really get it do you. The Catholic Church, which I assume you are referring to, is not wicked. You are entitled to your opinion but for crying out loud, what are you going to say to God when asked about your constant disrespectful behavior. You are starting to sound like a person who doesn’t know what the love of Christ is all about. Do you even understand that this kind of conduct is not Christ like? It seems to me you place more importance on disagreeing in the most disrespectful way than doing the things Christ told us to do. That comes straight from the bible I don’t need the pope to understand that.

   It is truly amazing to read someone who thinks Jesus was a post-modernist. Have they not read Matthew 23? Almost any of the gospels at all? You are truly left wondering.

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