Third show of the week as we are preparing for the start of Road Trip #2 next week. Started off with some complicated stuff about ADE and mRNA vaccines and the dangerous rise in cases and infections amongst the vaccinated and why this is taking place (link to article). Then we, reluctantly, dealt with the Litton affair again, pointing out the utter absurdity of the defenses and excuses that are being offered by an entire cadre of paid apologists—paid for with the funds given by churches ostensibly to promote the gospel and the kingdom. The SBC deep state is alive and well and not really hiding much either. Then we went back to Hank Hanegraaff on the topic of the eucharist in the early church to finish off the program.

Of course, we will be doing our level best to do as many programs as I can possibly fit into my travel schedule beginning next week! I truly enjoyed doing programs from our mobile command center in various locations a few weeks ago, and now as I head for Conway, Atlanta, Niceville, Lindale and other places, I am looking forward to it again! Prayers for safe travel much appreciated! This trip logs in at 4,100 miles. When you contribute to the Travel Fund you are helping make it all happen! Thank you!


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