So Rich was literally just poking around on Twitter when he stumbled across the “live” set up recently, so today was our first day to live-cast on Twitter. That was what we wanted to do all along, but obviously things are developing at Twitter and so we had to use Facebook (which drove me nuts). But, for as long as we can, we will use Twitter for our live streaming.

Today we announced some upcoming debates, specifically a series of debates in February that should have something for everyone! I then went over an odd, out-of-place diatribe against “Biblicism” found in Matthew Barrett’s new book. If the rest of the 900 page monster is of similar nature, to use Luther’s language, the book will be a “right strawy epistle.” We worked through the entire section asking the important questions and truly wondering what the answers will be. Then I responded to Steve Camp’s recent Twitter claim that all PTs (postmillennial theonomists) “mistranslate” Matthew 28:19-20. Ninety minutes today!

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