Back from Toronto, just trying to catch up on “life” today. On Tuesday’s Dividing Line I wish to continue looking at Ahmed Deedat’s attempt to find Muhammad in John 14 and 16, but I was thinking that sometimes the “Deedat Effect” gets lost when I start and stop his presentation and point out all the errors in the process. So, what I will do, is I will start playing the rest of his presentation 21 minutes before the start of the program, so that if you wish, you can hear it as a single whole, so you can get the “feel” of what a Muslim audience especially would “hear” in Deedat. So, that would be about 1:39pm EDT I will get Deedat started, if you wish to tune in early. We normally just have music the half hour before the program gets started, but this time we’ll pre-empt the tunes for some Deedat…though I do think he broke into song a couple of times!

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