We had been hearing about the arrival of Roger Olson’s book, Against Calvinism, for quite some time. It happened to arrive just before I left for Australia, so I did not have time to do much more than review his comments on 1 Timothy 2:4 (here). I have now returned home, so I got his book recorded to mp3 and tackled it while attacking South Mountain here in Phoenix (here’s proof!). It was a painful listen at times, but, truly, nothing new, nothing insightful, and nothing in the way of challenging exegesis. In other words, another standard Arminian with one exception: Olson admits that even if he were convinced the Bible actually teaches what Calvinists believe, he would not accept it. At least he is open about his ultimate authorities. In any case, I decided it merited a Radio Free Geneva. We got through most of what I wanted to say, but I want to finish up on his responses to Calvinists on the next program on Tuesday, then we will take your calls, or, if there is interest, take calls on the Perkins debate and his post-debate antics.

BTW, put together a new set up for doing the DL. I have a good bit more “acreage” as far as my screens are concerned to keep all the stuff I have going on front and center. This is what I’m looking at while doing the DL and multi-tasking (esp. when Johnny calls with one of his hum-dinger questions!).

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