Ok, so its a bit herky jerky at the start but it clears up after about 20 minutes. – Rich

So I was a bit worried when Rich said he was going to do something different–and this time I was right. The first part of the program is, well, sadly, not overly useful. I talked with Pastor Derrick Melton about his ministry, my many visits to Pryor, and his knife making skills. Unfortunately, most of that won’t work for you. You can skip past all the problems by going to this time stamp. From there we addressed a little Andy Stanley, the upcoming Women’s Conference at the SBC, and then I addressed the comments made by Matthew Barrett and Carl Trueman on the new Credo Podcast, which you won’t know about if you have ever challenged them at all, since they went on a blocking spree on Twitter today. But it is important to see this move to create a new ecumenism based upon dividing over Thomistic metaphysical formulations rather than, well, the gospel. Troubling times indeed!

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