Well, it is starting. Rich has been working long, long days for weeks now, mainly doing carpentry work, but also being electrician, painter—you name it. The offices are looking great, but we are finally at that point where we must need to make the leap. That is, starting tomorrow, we have to get all the computer equipment down there and installed and working. That will effectively “open” the office. However, there is this little thing called The Dividing Line that folks like to listen to. That means all the equipment that makes that happen has to get down there. It has to be installed. The window has to be put in. The door has to be hung. I sorta need a place to sit down. I also need a computer from which to play things like the Davis sermon. In other words, we are going to be working long hours for the next number of days to get this working. Rich has already put in three months worth of work in 1/3 that time, so if you would, pray for us. It will all be worth it down the road, but getting there is quite the task.

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