Covered three topics yesterday in a jumbo, fast moving edition of the Dividing Line. First, discussed Joshua Lim’s “conversion” story promoted by the Called to Confusion boys and identified many of the standard “conversionist blindspot” problems that we have seen over and over again with those who think that jumping into the arms of Romanism will give them the certainty they have come to conclude God’s Word and Spirit are incapable of providing, esp. the obvious one: your fallible choice to follow Rome (which is NOT the “only game in town”) means that your level of certainty can never rise above the level of your own fallible choice. Welcome to life in a fallen world. Anyway, made some fairly strong observations about Romanism in general, and the ishy-squishy evangelicalism that has decided it is better to partner with Rome and get a few more votes than it is to stand for the purity and power of the Gospel. Then we moved on to the 2008 debate between pro-homosexual activist Harry Knox and Dr. Michael Brown, examining Knox’s presentation and presuppositions. Then we finished off with a further examination of Abdullah Kunde’s comments in a recent debate in Sydney.

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