Sad, isn’t it? I would love to post the video from yesterday’s point-by-point response to Dan Savage, but we all know in this upside down, morally inverted world, that homosexuals can say anything they want–they can use profanity in High School auditoriums in front of hundreds of students, they can mock students who walk out in offense, and well, the MSM and the culture may shake their head, but they will not suffer for their actions. But if a Christian responds and demonstrates that Dan Savage is significantly less than honest in his argumentation, we all know what will happen to that video. But, we do not post the Dividing Line on YouTube, we have our own server, so at least we can still do that. For now.

So I spent the first 45 minutes in response to Dan Savage and also discussing the Ron Brown situation, once again noting the inherent inconsistencies involved in pro-homosexual apologetics. Then we started taking calls. LOTS of calls. At one point every single line in our phone system was filled, and I didn’t even think that was possible. But, it was. A couple had to do with the MItt Romney, “Can a Christian vote for a Mormon?” issue, along with lots of other topics.

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