Oh King of all the nations!

You have blessed the United States of America for more than two centuries. Through wars and strife You have honored the recognition contained in our founding charter that mankind has certain inalienable rights. Even when we did not consistently apply those truths, You honored Your truth, and used this nation to defeat great evil in the 20th century.

Yet, beginning long ago, we started to move away from the firm foundation of the truth that You are our Maker and Creator, Your law a divine and guiding light. Our universities became rebellious and arrogant, teaching generation after generation to live in defiance of Your ways. As a result, our streets are soaked in the blood of innocent children, many conceived in fornication. We have dishonored marriage, the family, manhood, womanhood. We dishonor our very bodies, our calling to reflect Your glory.

With the blood of almost sixty million unborn children, offered upon the altar of the sexual revolution, upon our hands, we have no basis upon which to ask for Your mercy. You are just to bring us to our knees, to remove from us all the many blessings You have bestowed upon us.

We can only pray that You would glorify Yourself in Your judgments. May You make it clear and plain why these things are happening to us. May You open blind eyes—eyes blinded by secularism, blind to anything above the dull dirt beneath their feet. May more and more see Your hand and turn to You in repentance.

May those of us who have followed You so imperfectly be purged of our love of the things of this world. May we suffer for the clarity of our call to repentance, the forcefulness of our proclamation that Jesus is Lord, and every nation must bow the knee to Him.

Calm our hearts, strengthen our resolve, focus our minds upon You. May we respond to Your judgments as Your people, called by Your name. We ask this in the name of the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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