John Piper’s article demonstrates that even godly men can fall into the same pit of error: this isn’t about either Trump or Biden, both of whom are horribly flawed candidates. This is about a Marxist revolution and whether you will even *get* to vote in 2024. The reality I wish he understood is seen not in Trump’s arrogance or Biden’s cowardice–but in history in that Marxism brings death and tyranny. One side is literally promoting the utter abolishment of the Imago Dei. I do not understand how that can be missed. I would “get” (but disagree with) Piper saying he cannot vote for Trump due to morality, or Biden due to worldview and cowardice; but if this is a statement that he believes you could positively promote the worldview professed by Kamala Harris—astonishing if true, deeply disappointing as well.

But let me add one thing here I did not include in Twitter or Facebook: Piper actually draws a parallel between death by abortion and death by arrogance. Abortion is the pinnacle of arrogance. Transgenderism is the pinnacle of arrogance. The influx of Marxist ideology in the now fully committed “Democratic” party is not even arguable. It is announced and accepted. So is Donald Trump insufferably arrogant on a personal level? Fully. Will Donald Trump use his office to appoint judges and establish insufferably arrogant commitments to homosexuality, abortion, infanticide, transgenderism and the entire cadre of Moloch-worshipping “goods” the Marxists are in love with? His first four years indicates he will not, while Biden/Harris have promised this. Will Trump promote the Equality Act, i.e., the end of religious liberty, Christian education, and a free, open, believing church in the United States? It is actually possible, though unlikely, but Biden/Harris are committed to the end of religious liberty and the imposition of totalitarianism. So it truly makes you sit back and wonder, “What is John Piper thinking” when he can draw a parallel between the personally destructive arrogance of Trump (a well documented given) and the destructive arrogance of the worldview of the left that ultimately was behind the death of 125,000,000 human beings in the 20th century.

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