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The Nashville Statement (First Hour), Racialism Dividing the Church (2nd Hour)

Unfortunately we have developed connection problems yet once again with our ISP, so we had to cut things a bit short when everything just ground to a halt.  First hour was a rather full discussion of the Nashville Statement and some of those who have attempted to respond to it. Then we switched over to the always enjoyable topic of Critical Race Theory, “White Supremacy,” and the like, looking at articles by Jemar Tisby and others that are simply way over the line when it comes to anything close to a New Testament position on the nature of Christian fellowship, the church, etc.  Unfortunately, that’s when the connection decided to give up the ghost, which slammed the recording program, etc.  We had to stop, restart, and so I decided to shut it down earlier than I had intended.  Technology!  Well, I’m sure it will come up again next week.  In any case, a bit “heavy” on the topics, but necessary, and hopefully useful to all.

Here is the YouTube link:

Presentations and Sermons from South Africa

I’ve been pretty busy down here in South Africa after the debate in Birmingham, UK.  The folks down here have been efficient in posting the talks and sermons, so since some of you are complaining about no Dividing Lines, well, take a listen to these!

Defining and Defending the Sola’s of the Protestant Reformation – Session 2

Defining and Defending the Sola’s of the Protestant Reformation – Session 3

The Lord’s Supper – 1 Cor 11:23-26

A Mega Dividing Line with 50 Minutes of Open Phones

Too many topics to even start to list, but mainly in the opening I discussed the upcoming debates in South Dakota and London, then discussed a meme Ijaz Ahmad posted over the weekend, and then read all of William Lane Craig’s answer to a very insightful question sent to him.  Then we took phone calls on…every topic imaginable!  Only DL this week, so we had to make it interesting!

Here is the YouTube link: