We mercilessly tease one of our #prosapologian regulars about advertising his blog as “blog-o-rific” even though his blog will go for months without a single change. So I feel badly when days go by without my adding something of benefit to the kind folks who take the time to stop by. But weeks where I am traveling both weekends are generally so massively compressed there is little time for almost anything (let alone when the Secret Service shows up (see the DL for 10/14 for details!), and throw in yet another trip after this weekend’s visit to Edmond, OK (Peoria, IL) followed immediately by LA and the debate/conference/cruise, and you can see why blogging has taken a back seat for the foreseeable future.

Another reason for the less than blog-o-rific week is that I confess the sin of anxiety. I have very strong feelings about the current election. We have Supreme Court justices who have quite simply been “hanging on” in hopes of a change in Washington. The older I get, the more I think of the future in terms of what kind of world my children’s children will face. I confess to a non-post-millenial view of things, that’s for sure (yes, I realize you can be a postie and still believe the US is busily jumping off a cliff, morally and ethically), and I have said more than once I view this election as a choice between the slow, but continual march off the cliff, and the sudden catapulting of the entirety of the nation over said cliff. But in such a situation, one fights for the good and prays for national repentance. I have been deeply disappointed in the utter lack of common sense prevailing amongst many Christians as well. But I really can’t say what I would like to say on this blog, as it isn’t my personal blog. Just remember folks, one side would like to see my book, The Same Sex Controversy, judged “hate speech.” One side would like to force us to accept “same sex marriage” as a legitimate and moral union. One side denies the humanity of the pre-born, promotes partial-birth infanticide, and the destruction of human life for the “betterment” of those who manage to survive those first nine, perilous months of life. One side would take away your responsibility to protect your wife and children from evil men. There surely is no hope in any political party, and I have been deeply disappointed by men I had hoped would have more backbone. But really, the choice, seen in the light of simple common sense, seems very, very clear. But as I said, I confess the sin of anxiety, and well know that even in a nation under wrath and judgment, our duties, indeed, our privileges, are laid out for us in Scripture, and we must press on, by God’s grace, no matter what the obstacles before us.

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