Debate: Is the Bible True? John Dominic Crossan, Seattle, Washington, 8/27/2005

Debate: Regeneration and Perseverance, Robert Wilkin, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 4/8/2005

Debate: Is The Apocrypha Scripture? Gary Michuta, Long Island, New York, 5/20/2004

Debate: Did Mary Have Other Children? Gerry Matatics, Salt Lake City, Utah, 10/4/2003

Debate: Can Men Become Gods? Martin Tanner, Salt Lake City, Utah, 10/5/2002

Debate: The Fall of Adam and Its Consequences, Gilbert Scharffs, Salt Lake City, Utah, 4/5/2002

Debate: Purgatory: Biblical or Mythical? Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Long Island, New York, 5/24/2001

Debate: Is Homosexuality Compatible with Authentic Christianity? Barry Lynn, Long Island, New York, 5/15/2001

Reflections on Recent Temple Outreach & Debate: Free Agency, Richard Hopkins, Salt Lake City, Utah, 3/30/2001

Debate: Papal Infallibility, Robert Sungenis, Clearwater, Florida, 11/10/2000

Debate: Papal Infallibility, Tim Staples, Fullerton, California, 7/7/2000+

Debate: Papal Infallibility, Tim Staples, Fullerton, California, 7/7/2000

Debate: Justification by Faith? Robert Sungenis, Long Island, New York, 5/25/2000

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