Last Program for a Week—Enjoy!

Sweater Vest Dialogues

Able or slave? Then the Broke Woke Church

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman's Position Regarding Civil Disobedience+

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman’s Position Regarding Civil Disobedience

Without Excuse Indeed!+

Without Excuse Indeed!

The Calvinist Club, Sola Scriptura, Purgatory

Another Potpourri Show!

A Remote Dividing Line that Did Not Look Remote

The Sudden Clarity of Black Racism (Louis Farrakhan), Then a Response to Jonathan McLatchie on the Noetic Effect of Sin

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Another Potpourri of Topics, Including the Future of Mormonism

Being Saved, Marxists Everywhere, Graeme Codrington vs. John Piper

From Claire de Lune to Jonathan Merritt to Rome’s Dogmas About Mary

Supreme Court, BLM, Thabiti, 2 Cor. 4:4

Revelation 6, Mohler and the Leftists, James Gets Canceled Again, JK Rowling

Living in Two Worlds, then, A Full Response to a Muslim “Revert”

Critical Theory Issues in Recent Events, Memes and Screen Shots, Leighton Flowers and Apologetics

Supreme Court and Churches, Remember that Covid Stuff? Hyper-preterism Debate

Four Open Phone Calls, A Bit on Thinking Clearly About Numbers, Digging into More from Wilson’s Dissertation

Bart Ehrman Stuff, then Valentinian Gnosticism

Lightfoot in Chicago Then A Helpful Introduction to the Gnostic Creation Myth

Caesar’s Gold, Augustine Actual Again

A Bit More on James 2, Molinism, More Augustine Actual

Governmental Authority and the Church

Four Calls and then Overview of Issues in Church History

On the Church and the State (First Hour), Anderson Cooper and Other Cultural Issues

The Twitter Mob Doubles Down on Dishonesty, Genesis 50 and Compatibilism

Yet Another Twitter Mob Refuted, Romans 5:1: Indicative or Subjunctive?

Dr. Jason Lisle of the Biblical Science Institute First Hour, Then Pope Frankie the Marxist Earth Day Hippy

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