Could have easily gone for a mega version today, but closed it down at 1:45 in length so I could catch the Doug Wilson/Kurt Jaros debate live. Started off looking at The Great Reset, the WEF’s move to bring the entire world into a global, socialist technocracy, using a virus, and climate change, as the catalysts. Then we talked a bit about Rod Dreher’s new book and the concept of “soft totalitarianism.” Then at the hour mark or so we shifted into a discussion prompted by a debate that took place between Matt Slick of CARM and Sam Shamoun, ostensibly titled, “Is Limited Atonement Biblical?” This led to 45 minutes of analysis of Colossians and Ephesians, underlying issues relating to the atonement, etc. Did not finish off the topic, so will pick it back up on the next program.


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