I recently uploaded all the audio from the 2010 GPTS Spring Theology Conference in which Dr. White participated. He is a run down of the lectures:

“Englishing the Bible – English Bible Translations and its Purposes”, Dr. Ben Shaw
“The Westminster Assembly and Scripture,” Chad Van Dixhoorn
“Holy Spirit + Holy Men = Holy Bible”, David Murray
“A More Sure Word – The Self-Athenticating Nature of the Bible”, Tony Curto
“The Modern Roman Catholic View of Scripture” Mark Herzer
“Critique of Bart Ehrman”, James White
“Salvation-Sanctification and Spectacles”, David Murray
“Why Creeds if the Bible is the Sufficient and Final Rule of Authority?” Joseph Pipa
“Critique of Peter Enns”, James White
and 4 Q&A Sessions

Click here to listen to the lectures. Here is a picture of all the speakers, with (notice) the Baptist on the left!

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