I was looking over the August, 2006 “Soulforce Alert” which was reporting on the “1000 Watt March, Vigil and Concert” up in Colorado protesting Focus on the Family. One interesting paragraph I read said:

In interviews with the two activists, one difference stood out. Chad Allen [who was chosen to play a lead role in End of the Spear even though he is a pro-homosexual activist] believes GLBT [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender] people and anti-gay Christians can find common ground if they focus on their humanness. Judy Shepard does not believe that it’s possible to find common ground with folks like Dobson. “Their view is askew, so I don’t believe it’s possible. A lot of this is about power and money. It will take many brave ministers to say it’s okay to be Gay and Christian—and these ministers have jobs, pensions, and families to think about…they have a lot to lose. So we must talk to the people in congregations and humanize what’s happening.”

   Did you catch that? While the two pro-homosexual activists disagree in one aspect, in reality, in a way the writer surely could not comprehend, they actually agree. What is the way for “unity” for Chad Allen? Focusing on our “humanness.” And for Shepard? To “humanize” what is happening. See, they really agree! What has to be lost is the supernatural element of Christianity. God cannot be Creator. We cannot be created. That means God gets to define human sexuality and define its proper bounds. He even gets to define certain behaviors as sinful. And, of course, that is the very statement these folks want to preclude anyone from even thinking, let alone stating out loud. So the only way around that is to turn Christianity into a human social club and nothing more. Shepard wants to by-pass the God-ordained structure and seek to create rebellion in the ranks. Neither of them want to obey God’s Word.
   Over the past two Lord’s days I’ve spoken on the subject of the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. You can find those sermons listed here under the topic “Pulpit Crimes.”

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