It’s a packing day…headed to New York for a weekend of ministry. I look forward to seeing the saints there, and I hope and pray my efforts will be useful to their edification.

I almost wrote an article about the Proposition 8 case last night, but held off, knowing that it was most likely that a Federal Judge in San Francisco, of all places, would not uphold basic morality or a worldview that has any godliness to it. I wasn’t disappointed, as the decision just came down. Of course, it will be appealed…to the 9th Circuit (oi vey), and then, obviously, to the Supreme Court. This is just one step in a long process of overthrowing our Christian heritage and setting our culture on an inevitable collision course with the wrath of a holy God. It will be hard to bear the rejoicing of the ungodly over this decision, but we should realize that we see the signs of the degradation of the West all around us.

I read with sadness this article last week. Once again the maxim that corrupt judges are part of God’s wrath is seen with clarity. But what is more, these corrupt legal decisions flow from an even more corrupted cultural core, a core that seeks to express its hatred of the holiness of God, and especially His revealed law. The dogma of the West is now firmly opposed to any God-centered morality, and if you wish to possess the affirmation of the culture in the form of an educational degree, you need to bow to the supreme authority of the secular worldview, especially as it touches key elements, such as the moral goodness of homosexuality (in the perversity of this view). We have known for a long time that you cannot obtain the world’s approbation for your work in certain fields of science without bowing to its holiest dogma (naturalistic materialism), and the same is becoming the case in other areas. These cases are becoming more and more frequent, and once legal precedent is established, we will need to have even more serious discussions concerning the role we must bear in nations and a culture under the judgment of God. Time to dust off that Old Testament and start looking at the “remnant” passages.

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