Yeah, he’s done it again. Having never repented of his false prophesying about 1994, and continuing his church-hating, Christ-dishonoring “church age has ended” blather (based upon the same kind of completely ridiculous manhandling of the text of Scripture), Camping has now “seen” in Scripture a new date for the end of it all: 2011. I had heard about this a few weeks ago, but I heard him talking about it with my own ears Wednesday night as I was driving to church (woops, church!). I also listened to him talking about how open he is to correction, and how much he wants to learn from the Bible, and how his critics never take him to the text of Scripture, and I simply wanted to suggest he write speeches for certain political candidates who couldn’t tell the truth without melting into a puddle if their life depended on it. The sad thing is people will still believe him, will still destroy their own lives and hurt the lives of others because they are so foolish as to follow a vain babbler who has proven himself an untrustworthy guide repeatedly in the past. Be warned, Harold Camping the false teacher is back to his old ways.

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