I flicked on the TV in my room before heading over to the evening session last night here on ship and what came on my screen but…The DaVinci Code. I got to watch again the main “attack” section where the Council of Nicea is turned into a completely fictional fairy-tale, and I could not help but recall that twice in the Spong debate the Bishop made reference to the movie in the context of being thankful that it had drawn attention to the evolutionary nature of Christian theology! What an amazing thing. I did not even bother to respond to the statement as any thoughtful observer is already well aware of the fallacious nature of Dan Brown’s work. But you truly have to mourn for the Episcopal Church when one of their bishops can not only speak favorably of a pack of lies like The DaVinci Code but, in the same evening, confess he has never, ever heard of J.C. Ryle! Yes, that’s what I said. I made mention of the great Anglican J.C. Ryle and Spong honestly asked who that was, as he had never heard of him. A true head-shaking experience.
   Tonight Steve Camp will be leading our evening session with a discussion of the Emergent Church movement. Last evening I did a Q&A session that eventually led to a little sneak preview of next year’s cruise. Let’s just say folks were excited about what we have planned, and I think many of you will be too! Don’t make any plans for October 15-19, because you may wish to join us for an intensive time of seminary-style teaching with yours truly. More details to come!

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