We did our very first live DL from our new mobile command center, aka, our 5th wheel unit that will be my living quarters as I travel around the US in the future (starting at the end of next month with a nearly 4000 mile loop around the western US, followed by my journey to Atlanta for the G3 Conference at the end of September, and my annual trip to Missouri in late November/early December). I was a little distracted by some of the details, but I can see it will be a great spot for future programs. We looked briefly at some wild statements from Dr. Dale Tuggy, “analytical philosopher unitarian extraordinaire,” as he pontificated upon the dullards down below him in the intellectual scale. In the process we discussed the priority of divine revelation over philosophical categories and the need to keep the proper order in view. Should be back in the AOMobile next Tuesday, but this time, for the first time, seriously “on the road” during a brief test run up north here in Arizona.

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