We enter this week upon a period of intense teaching and ministry. I leave this week for Seattle. We will be worshipping at a local Reformed Baptist Church the Lord’s Day morning, and Sunday evening I will be starting the class and conference on the Cross, which will then continue on the Mercury Monday.
   I am truly looking forward to spending the week with excited, committed believers, focused upon Calvary. We will be spending the majority of our time over the first days in the text of Scripture, focusing upon the nature and intent of the atonement. Then we will transition as the week progresses toward its end into the subject of the historicity of the cross as I get “in the zone” for the debate Friday evening on that very subject.
   We disembark Friday morning, make the short journey to the hotel, and prepare for the debate Friday evening. We believe that we will have a very good Islamic representation at the debate, audience wise, and I fully expect Shabir Ally’s strongest set of arguments. Of course, I have listened to many of Shabir’s presentations on this topic, including debates on the topic, so I am fully prepared for the range of arguments he has presented in the past. Further, I have listened to debates and presentations by a number of other Islamic apologists on the topic as well. I am looking forward to this encounter!
   The result of the preparation, packing, etc., is predictable: I cannot guarantee much action on the blog, at least from me, for the next two weeks. Even when on the ship I will be teaching for many hours a day, so any blog articles will probably be quite brief. I hope some of the other folks on Team Apologian can step up and keep things active, but I know our regular supporters and readers understand the necessity of being quite focused at this time.
   Along those lines, please make a commitment to bring this week of ministry before the Lord. I know I can do nothing outside of the blessing of the Triune God. My teaching falls upon deaf ears if the Spirit does not bring light and understanding. It is truly my prayer that the debate will provide a clear, compelling proclamation of Christ crucified to any and all Muslims who will view it, both that night as well as for years into the future (the primary reason we do debates to begin with!). Please pray that God will bless the group that gathers in Seattle with a sense of unity, fellowship, and purpose. Pray that the Spirit will grant to us unity and a forgiving spirit should any offend. Pray for my health, as well! I have debated through sickness in the past, but it is never enjoyable! And as Rich and I are away next week (hence, no DLs), please pray that God will protect the ministry and that God’s people will continue to support us even as we stand on the frontlines. In all these things, may the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ, be praised!

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