We are not a big “links” website (barely have time to keep up with stuff as it is), but we gladly and heartily recommend to you answering-islam.org, and especially the resources offered by Sam Shamoun. Sam is a good friend of the ministry, and just an all around good guy, despite his looks. 🙂 Sam was on our last cruise and impressed everyone with his grasp of Islam. If you have heard me speak extemporaneously on “my” topics, those that I live and breathe (Bible translation, Mormonism, sola scriptura, the deity of Christ, justification, church history topics, etc.), then you have an idea what it is like to listen to Sam try to cram all his years of reading and debating into a brief period of time. Anyway, Sam was also at the debate with Greg Stafford. In the weeks since then I have often thought about commenting on aspects of the debate here on the blog (and have a few times), but for some reason, those thoughts hit me when I am away more often than when I am in the office. Anyway, Sam wrote and sent some documentation from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society regarding their odd view that Jehovah does not have exhaustive knowledge of future events. I had noted this when witnessing to JW’s in years past. Here is the info. Anyway, the reason he sent the information was because of Stafford’s statements about the Lord Jesus. He had argued that Jesus could not be truly God because of the self-limitations involved in incarnation (I had pointed out in the debate how Stafford begins with the impossibility of a real Incarnation, a fact Sam would likewise see quickly, since his Muslim opponents have the same foundational problem), and pointed to Jesus’ saying He did not know the day or the hour that was set at the Father’s command, i.e., how could Jesus know all things and not know all things? Yet, this is exactly what the WTBTS teaches about Jehovah’s knowledge of future things. This is indeed an inconsistency in Stafford’s position. However, given the fact that Stafford seems to be moving away from standard WTBTS explanations in many areas, this may well be another area of deviation as well, who knows? In any case, thanks to Sam for the info.

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