BAGHDAD, Iraq – Gunmen fired on a car carrying a newlywed couple and their families on Friday, killing the 23-year-old bride and wounding the Iraqi army captain she had just married. Eleven other people died in violence nationwide.

Ooh, brave soldiers, shooting up brides. Just like last week and the brave bomber who killed a bunch of kids and a Marine who was passing out candy to them. So with this incredible, daily blight upon the reputation of Islam, isn’t it so very odd that NBC has announced it is planning a mid-season show called “The Book of Daniel” that will include a “pill-popping priest” and a “contemporary, cool” Jesus. Am I the only one who finds it so very upside-down that when the news is filled with constant evidence of the result of old-time, believing, consistent Islam, the self-destructive forces of the West (the media, etc.) respond by granting Islam protected status (can you imagine NBC doing such a show with a figure representing Muhammad?) while stepping up their attacks upon the Christian faith. It truly makes you wonder.

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